In collaboration with the Department of Film, York University

A selection of best shorts made by film students

Sunday, 4 November 2012, 2:00 PM, Carlton Cinema, Free Admission, Filmmakers in attendance

The Fuse: or How I Burned Simon Bolivar – Igor Drljaca, Canada, 2012, 9 min
The beginning of the conflict in Sarajevo from the eyes of a young boy. The narrative is creative, tightly woven and heartfelt.

I Live Here – Windows – Adanay Guerrero, Canada, 2012, 6 min
The impact of immigration on the different levels of the filmmaker’s psyche, from the more obvious external reality of moving from Mexico to the more intimate depths of his being.

Salsiccia – Vincenzo Bertillio, Canada, 2012, 14 min
The annual preparation of an elaborate Italian meal over the years allows a young boy and his grandfather to bridge the generational and bicultural differences.

Far Away – Janice Lee, Canada, 2012, 15 min
The dynamics of three generations of Chinese women is explored at the time of preparation for the New Year. Language is the main challenge.

The Way of the Drum – Nikita Mor, Canada, 2012, 13 min
The healing energy of a drum circle in empowering a group of Native women to regain their culture and identity.

Silence of the New – Arnav Thadani, Canada, 2012, 13 min
The experiences of a number of immigrant students from India in facing challenges in their new home ranging from temperature and spices to culture and loneliness.