Cyrus Sundar Singh, Canada, 2008, 45 min
In English, Spanish, Hebrew, with English Subtitles
Sunday, 4 November 2012, 8:00 PM, Carlton Cinema, Free Admission, Director and Producer in attendance

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Shot on location in Barcelona, Spain, this film depicts the music of MASHALÁ, a superb collection of world music players with Ellen Gould Ventura at its helm. All immigrants, this “band nation” forms a veritable stew of cultures, faiths and languages to play – Jewish music! Barcelonan street life, its glorious architecture and colourful denizens are interwoven with the band’s rehearsals, live concerts and backstage antics. As Ellen struggles with her “newly minted” Jewishness, she discovers that music is her muse, a revelation that allows her to resuscitate an almost forgotten musical form and her own spirituality.