Generation Kunduz: The War of the Others


Martin Gerner, Germany, 2011, 80 min.
In Farsi Dari, with English Subtitles
Winner, Golden Dove, Leipzig DOK Festival 2012
Toronto Premiere

Saturday, 3 November 2012, 5:00 PM, Carlton Cinema

Watch trailer here:

In Sept. 2009 a German military officer ordered an attack on two fuel trucks, resulting in 90 deaths, mostly civilian. The film focuses not on policy or destabilizing events, but rather on the lives of the five protagonists. Youngest among these is Mirwais, an energetic lad of 12 at most, who largely supports his family shining shoes for an average daily wage of $1.30. Nazanin likewise provides a major chunk of her family’s earnings working for a women’s radio station that resists fundamentalist ideology.

Agricultural science student Hasib is a democracy activist seen training official observers for elections where votes are still often rigged. Dandyish Ghulam and his female producing partner Khatera are making an independent feature film, a difficult endeavor given Afghanistan’s near-nonexistent movie industry.