Embracing Voices: The Woman Behind the Music of Jane Bunnett


Elisa Paloschi, Canada/Cuba, 2011, 70 min.
With: Jane Bunnett, Larry Cramer, Kellylee Evans, Creole Choir of Cuba
In English and Spanish with English Subtitles

Sunday, 4 November 2012, 6:00 PM, Carlton Cinema

Canadian jazz luminary Jane Bunnett, Juno award winner, Grammy nominee, recipient of the Order of Canada, came back from the brink as she struggled with depression and a creative block to win the 2009 Juno for best contemporary Jazz record. From Toronto to Cuba to northern Ontario to the Canadian Rockies, this personal journey intimately follows Jane as she faces the prospect of never making music again. She contemplates growing old as an artist and as a woman, while retaining a childlike curiosity for life.