Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 1.03.28 AMA Feature Film Born Out of a Unique Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation

Nir Sa’ar & Maya Sarfaty, Mohammad Fuad, Yona Rozenkier, Mohammad Bakri, Ahmad Bargouthi, Pini Tavger, Tal Haring, Israel/Palestine, 2013, 110 min, in Arabic, Hebrew, English with English Subtitles, Canadian Premiere

The project WATER is a cinematic cooperation created in 2012 by a small group of Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers. They directed a feature film with total artistic freedom, exploring a strongly unifying subject: WATER.

WATER is poetic and pastoral, yet political and violent in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict. WATER belongs to two conflicting populations who seldom manage to overcome prejudice and political intimidation, but have found a platform for a unique collaboration in the form of this feature film.

WATER exemplifies cinema’s ability to penetrate forbidden zones. This movie makes Israelis and Palestinians realize that they all yearn for a solution.