Silent River


Anca Miruna Lazarescu, Romania/Germany, 2011, 30 min.
With: Toma Cuzin, Andi Vasluianu
In Romanian, German, and Serbian, with English Subtitles
Winner, Golden Bear, Best Short Film, Berlin International Film Festival; Prix UIP Tampere, Tampere International Short Film Festival; Grand Prix, Brussels Short Film Festival

Canadian Premiere

Part of “Diaspora in Short”, Saturday, 3 November 2012, 1:00 PM, carlton Cinema, Free Admission 

Gregor and Vali are two young Romanian men who want to escape to Germany. They come up with a plan to escape by way of the Danube although escape in this manner seems impossible: the river is surrounded by soldiers and filled with whirlpools and nets which will tangle unwary people attempting escape. Vali works in the post office and is therefore allowed to go to the border area, Gregor can get them through Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro). They agree it is to be just the two of them who escape. However, at the last minute one of the men breaks his word and brings his pregnant wife with him.