Shahin Parhami was a favorite of the Diaspora Film Festival for almost twenty years. Many of his films were screened at the festival and he eagerly participated in the conversation sessions with the audience.

Shahin was an Iranian-Canadian documentary filmmaker based in Montreal. He was born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1967 and migrated to Canada in 1988. He completed his Film Studies and Film Production degrees at Carleton University, Ottawa, and Concordia University, Montreal. His films, notably, Amin (2010) and Shahrzad’s Tale (2015), received numerous awards from major film festivals around the globe. Shahin sadly left us on March 13, 2021, after a brief but heroic fight with leukemia.

Shahin developed a highly personal and poetic cinematic language throughout his career. His transcendent style went beyond the daily struggles of new immigrants and centered around intellectual and philosophical challenges they need to overcome. From his early trilogy Nassot (1997), Lahoot (1998), and Jabaroot (2003) to his last film Marcel (2021), his unique signature was apparent.

The Diaspora Film Festival pays a last tribute to this talented filmmaker. A collection of Shahin Parhami’s works will be available for streaming (free).

Shahin Parhami's Film Collections are free to steam

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