A Girl from Parsian, Parinaz Hashemi, Iran, Documentary, 2019, 20 minA few women from a small southern town make efforts to achieve their prohibited rights.Parinaz Hashemi is an independent filmmaker with more than 20 years of experience in cinema and television.  

Colorful Dreams, Parinaz Hashemi, Iran, Documentary, 2020, 20 minIn a rural area of Baluchestan live people who believe they can achive their dreams if they do their best to improve the living conditions for themselves and others. Parinaz Hashemi is an independent filmmaker with more than 20 years o

Don’t Remove the Soil, Navid Mihandoost, Iran, 2022, Fiction, 15 min A man is sentenced to jail for his social activities. His girlfriend promises him to send messages to his cellphone that she keeps with herself. The plan is for him to read them after he is released. Navid Mihandoost is a journal

Lefthanded, Nasrin Mohammadpour, Iran, Fiction, 2021, 15 min When working in a slaughterhouse, Maryam, a single mother, decides to cut her right hand to receive compensation from the insurance company, but things don’t go as planned. Nasrin Mohammadpour studied film and sociology and holds a maste

The Ring, Roham Rasouli, Iran, Fiction, 2022, 6 min A young man loses his pregnant wife during the Iran-Iraq war. Many years later, he is still occupied with her memories. Roham Rasouli is a gradute of the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, The Ring is his debut short.