Ori Sivan, Israel, 2016, 98 min, in Hebrew and Arabic with English Subtitles
Winner, Best Cinematography, Jerusalem FF 2016; Nominated for four Israeli Film Academy 2016
Saturday, 4 November 2017, 3:00 PM, Canadian Premiere

Harmonia is a modern adaptation of the mythological triangle between the childless Abraham and Sarah
and young Hagar. Sarah is the harpist of the Jerusalem Philharmonic; Abraham is its almighty conductor.
When Hagar, a young horn player from East Jerusalem joins the Western Side Orchestra, she bonds with
Sarah and a unique friendship evolves between the two women. Hagar, feeling Sarah’s pain from not
having children, offers to have a baby for her from Abraham, shaking the thin balance in the family. The
biblical adaptation later develops to an emotional clash between the born son Ben a 12 year old
phenomenal pianist and his two mothers. Harmonia uncovers the metaphoric emotional roots of the
ancient conflict between the two peoples living in Jerusalem, now seeking harmony through a dramatic
encounter between Western and Eastern music.