Various filmmakers, 2009/2010/2011, in Arabic with English Subtitles, North American Premiere

Two years ago, a group of female Palestinian filmmakers got together and decided to have a film festival of their own. On top of all difficulties, they knew that there was no theater in Gaza. But did it stop them? Certainly not! They rented a basketball field, sewed a white curtain and used it as a screen. The festival immediately became a worldwide sensation.

In recognition of these women`s courage, the IDFF is proud to announce a partnership with the GWFF to bring a selection of their works to North America every year.

Many thanks to Ms. Itemad Washah, the organizer of GWFF for her help in bringing the films to Toronto.

The Doll
Nabila Mabrook, Palestine, 2010, 14 min
A story about a little girl who wants a doll. Her parents are both frustrated that the father is unemployed. When the father’s attempts to find a job fails, will she get her doll?

Nabila Mabrook, Palestine, 2009, 21 min
Outside Gaza City, in Al-Sha’af, we learn of the destruction of the town and the suffering of the people. A family recounts their struggle during the war and afterwards in finding a house in which to live.

E’temad Washah, Palestine, 2011, 23 min
What happens when the border crossing is closed? Four different people survive the seige of Gaza. Tunnels get supplies to people, but there are dangers. Life is hard, but with incredible determination and courage, one woman even starts a beekeeping business.

Samah ElBayoumi, Palestine, 2010, 15 min
An inspiring account of a young girl whose father teaches her to be a fisherwoman. The father believes daughters should be able to have roles outside the traditional ones in the home.


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