Toronto Premiere


CICLO 1Andrea Martínez Crowther, Mexico, 2012, 91 min, In Spanish and English with English subtitles

Andrea Martínez Crowther, Gustavo Martínez, and Amanda Martínez in attendance

The screening of CICLO will be followed by a performance by Amanda Martínez

May 1, 1956. Two brothers, Arturo and Gustavo Martinez, leave their hometown in central Mexico with the desire to cross the continent on bicycle. Eighty-two days later, they arrive in Toronto, not knowing this feat would change the entire route of their lives and of their family tree. These two brothers are my father and uncle and ever since I can remember, this epic journey has formed part of my family’s folklore. Fifty-four years later, Arturo and Gustavo -now in their 70s- retrace the same path, in an exploration of memory, the cycle of life and the unavoidable passage of time.

Andrea is a Mexican-Canadian filmmaker with a Master’s Degree in Film from the University of Southem California. Her debut film, Insignificant Things, was presented in the Zabaltegui Selection at the San Sebastian Film Festival and won the Audience Award at the Biarritz Latin American Film Festival. Her second feature, CICLO (Fragua Cine/Arte Mecánica) was the only documentary in Carte Blanche at the International Film Festival of Locarno and has been invited to be shown in film festivals across North America. Currently, Andrea has two projects in development: the documentary WALK as well as the fiction film FRAGILITY which received a rewriting grant and a development grant from the Mexican Film Institute and was selected in the Ace Mundus Program in Europe.