Burmese Dreaming



Timothy Syrota / Australia / 2010 / 50 mins, Canadian Premiere

In English

Official Selection: United Nations We the People’s International Film Festival, 2011 – London, UK; Buffalo-Niagara International Film Festival, 2011

A creative non-fiction documentary by Australian filmmaker and writer Timothy Syrota.  Syrota uses a unique combination of film, art, photography, music and social and political commentary to tell the story of Burma through the eyes of a Karen child living in a refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border. Based on a true circumstance, Say Say La reflects on her life through a series of dreams and poetic flashbacks. The film alternates between scenes from the refugee camp and scenes from her childhood, before the Burmese military killed her father and kidnapped her at age five.

The film offers an inside look at Burma with evocative imagery, both disturbing and beautiful. It is a cinematic cry for freedom in a country where independent media is strictly prohibited. This is Syrota’s first film. Previously he wrote the bestselling book Welcome To Burma And Enjoy the Totalitarian Experience.


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