Before Your Eyes (Children of Diyarbakir)


Miraz Bezar / Germany , Turkey / 2009 / 102 min, Canadian Premiere

With Senay Orak, Muhammed Al and Hakan Karsak

In Kurdish and Turkish with English Subtitles

Winner: Golden Poznan Goat – Best Film, Children’s Jury Award – Best Film, Ale Kino! International Young Audience Film Festival, 2010 – Poznan, Poland; Behlül Dal Special Jury Award – Screenwriting, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, 2009 – Antalya, Turkey; Special Jury Prize, Ghent International Film Festival, 2009 – Ghent, Belgium; Young Talent Award, Hamburg Film Festival, 2009 – Hamburg, Germany; Golden Tulip – Best Actress, Best Director, Best Music, Istanbul International Film Festival, 2010 – Istanbul, Turkey; Youth Jury Award, San Sebastian International Film Festival, 2009 – San Sebastian, Spain; Silver Butterfly, The Hague Movies that Matter Festival, 2011 – The Hague, Netherlands; Nominated: Film Award in Gold – Best Screenplay, German Film Awards, 2011; Grand Prix – Best Film, Ghent International Film Festival, 2009 – Ghent, Belgium

Ten year old Gulistan and her brother Firat live in the heart of Turkish Kurdistan. Tragedy strikes when their parents are shot down by paramilitary gunmen before their very eyes. Traumatized and orphaned, Gulistan and Firat try to care for their infant sister, but their money soon runs out and they’re forced onto the street.

It is there that Gulistan meets the part-time escort Dilara. Accompanying her on a hotel call one day, Gulistan is shocked to discover Dilara’s client is the murderer of her parents, and quickly devises a plan for revenge.

Short Synopsis: Diyarbakir, in the late nineties: Two young Kurdish children are forced to live on the street after their parents have been murdered by a member of a secret state security force.


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