Neelesha Barthel, Germany, 2015, 94 min, in German, English, Hindi, Turkish with English Subtitles
Canadian Premiere

A culture clash comedy


Kissy, a German-Indian woman in her late twenties, happily living with her seven-year-old daughter Meena in Berlin, oversees a building of rented apartments in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which has seen better days but not lost any of its charm. In the same house she also runs her cozy Café Devi. And everything is just tickety-boo, if it were not for her mega traditional grandmother, who has travelled all the way from India to Germany with the express intention of ensuring that Kissy is married to her daughter’s father, otherwise the building, along with the café, will be sold! What granny does not know, nor should she find out, is that Kissy and Robert have long since gone their own separate ways. Kissy, now out of options, persuades her ex to play the game. But Granny does not accept a simple, civil wedding only; it absolutely has to be a traditional Indian one. And so Kissy has to undergo exactly what she really does not want: not only getting married, but also Indian style …